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Snakes love to eat worms, and Lorie picks them out of the worm beds and brings them somewhere safe

Well it is so funny, I pick worms all the time.and that doesn’t bother me one bit.. but if I see a snake in the worm bed… OH MAN!!!! its not the fact that they eat alot of our worms…. I just can’t stand to even look at them without getting this funny feeling all over my body and almost have to run away from them…If I was to kill the snake I wouldn’t hear the end of it. SO I JUST CALL ON THE WIFE! she comes over and picks it up and brings it to a nice safe place across the road far away from me and my worm beds..

Written by Jeff on August 22nd, 2011 with 1 comment.
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#1. December 25th, 2013, at 7:10 PM.

Hello Jeff , Im wanting to retire with raising worms as a side income, I live in the city , I want to start off with a bed 42 inch wide and 96 inch long and I will have 10 beds that size in 6 months , here the worm poop would sell for 10pounds for 15.00 I hoping to get about 1500 pounds a month , can you look at my figures and tell me if im right or wrong ? also can you sell my worms that large of a order, I will do 1 bed at a time, with my dirt being 18inch deep, with wire mesh under it, for the poop to fall threw on a alum pan to be clean up for bags , but my worm is going to be put under my house , which has heat , or a/c ,no sunlight, there is lights but not over the beds , I don’t think any snakes can get in , I will watch for that , concrete block walls with maybe 8 vents with screen over them, & I want to feed them grass clipping, leaves , mulch , paper , cardboard, wood chips, only food as it comes out of the garden , Please help , Thanks

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