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May 2008

You are currently browsing the articles from Friendly Worm Guy | European Nightcrawlers and Quality Worm Castings written in the month of May 2008.

WOOD WORM BIN BY Friendly Worm Guy

For a while now I have been trying to come up with an upward flow worm bin, that has stacking trays deep enough to bury the food waste, to make the bin work very well! Yes they are all over the internet, I have tried a few. but in almost all the cases, the trays were NOT deep enough to bury the food waste well. on average the trays were only 3″-4″ high. And in turn the bin maybe gets fruit flies etc,

This is a picture with 1 tray added. I will also say, I am not a person that is very good with woodworking, I know how to raise worms! I know what kind of environment the worm needs to live and compost well. so I was able to get a friend of mine to help me build these bins. I told him the way we needed to build it and he did.
First of all my trays are 6″ high, not 3″ or 4″ high. This gives us a whole 2″ higher, yes it doesn’t sound like much but it really is. 2″ is a great deal to bury that food waste properly

This is a picture of the bin complete, with all trays added. I made these bins to put them into our local school board’s classrooms, The reason I added the 2″ to each tray is to make sure these bins will not produce fruit flies, The main concern of the School Board is the fruit flies, These bins will not produce fruit flies, if all food waste is buried properly. In the short future I hope to have one of these bins in all our local schools. if all goes well!!!

Written by Jeff on May 20th, 2008 with 2 comments.
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The Friendly Worm Guy Has (GREEN PRODUCTS)

All our products are GREEN!! Here is a picture and a little about each product that we handle here at the Friendly Worm Guy
This nice 8 oz cardboard cup is what I use as a worm cup, or (container) I sell all my bait worms in this nice paper cup, If the fisherman leaves the container at their fishing spot, It would be all composted by the following fishing season. These cups are made for the food service. it is a hot soup cup. It only took me about 6 months to find this great little cup. I put my worms into it for the fisherman and the cup is great for the Environment TOO!!

These great little muslin/cotton bags are used by us at FWG and by great gardeners.
We fill these little bags with worm castings and we drop the bag into a watering can or pail of water, to make liquid organic fertilizer,CALLED WORM TEA!! to add to your plants in regular watering times.
Watch your plants grow like never before!

These large muslin/cotton bags are used by us at FWG as very large worm tea bags.they work great in a 45 gallon container. But for the most part here, We use them to ship our worms out in.
A pound of worms along with a pound of bedding goes in this bag wonderful, and the worms can breathe through them great.
If you compost this bag after you get your worms,it is composted in a matter of weeks.(not years)

OH!! we can’t forget about my great little tool I made to bag my 1 pound bags of worm castings, this very handy 2 litre pop bottle with a soup can typed to it, makes bagging my worm castings an ease!! isn’t this tool recycling at its best!! haha.

1 more thing! we can’t forget about the way that I ship my worms and products across Canada! every box I use for shipping is recycled, from local stores.

Jeff The Friendly Worm Guy

Written by Jeff on May 20th, 2008 with 2 comments.
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WOW!! Fertilizing With Worm Castings

WOW! I sure wish I hadn’t fertilized my huge 400′ X 100′ front yard, with Worm Castings, now that I am waiting for parts to repair my riding lawnmower.
If anyone that is reading this post is looking for a Great Organic fertilizer, too make there lawns grow like never before!! There will be NO greener lawn on the block!!

There is places in the lawn that haven’t been fertilized with Worm Castings for the past 3 years, and the grass is still growing great in those areas. These Worm Castings last for years!!

Written by Jeff on May 13th, 2008 with no comments.
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Predators Of Earthworms


WOW!! This is a topic we could talk about all day!! Every region of this Great earth of ours has a different predator of the Earthworm!

First of all Man is most likely the greatest predator. Just think about that for a moment.
1. Farmers kill Billions of earthworms plowing their fields
2. Then the Farmer comes along and sprays pesticides and Chemical fertilizer to kill the rest of the worms that the plow missed.
3. That is why they need to spray chemical fertilizer so their crop will grow.

OK enough said about the farmers, I am one as well, On my farm there has been no pesticides or chemical fertilizer used for at least 8 years. All plans on my farm is to be organic, example: fertilize with worm tea, and worm castings

We can’t forget about the Fisherman! HaHa! I guess I wouldn’t have much of a business without them!

Even some cultures eat the worms, Of all things. Yuk!
Enough talking about man being a predator, but we sure are a big one!!

Now on to other Predators of the Earthworm.
1. Snakes,birds,
2. Rodents, such as, chipmunks,moles,rats,skunks, racoons, and on and on!
3. A very big number of insects as well..We could go on for ever!!!!

Oh yes! There is even a little worm out there called a Flat worm! They eat earthworms as well.

The reason being is the earthworm is loaded with protein, so it makes the earthworm a very well sought after creature! By all its predators…

The Friendly Worm Guy

Written by Jeff on May 4th, 2008 with 12 comments.
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Guinea Pigs Feed Some Of Our Worms

For about a month now we are the keepers of a pair of Guinea Pigs, the male is named Mario, and the female is named Suzie, They are very nice little pets.


They sure like to be handled,

After a few days of having the little guys,it was time to clean their cages, so where would I think of putting the contents that you find in the bottom of a Guinea cage, but into the worm beds of course, These guys eat about the same as a rabbit does. Not saying you can feed your Guinea pigs rabbit pellets,because you can’t. You have to buy Guinea Pig food, So I was sure I could put this stuff into the worm beds.


Oh Boy!! was I right! The worms LOVE this stuff. So any of you Guinea Pig keepers out there, I can help you out, A worm bin is a great way to get rid of your Guinea Pigs poo poo!!(haha)

The Friendly Worm Guy

Written by Jeff on May 4th, 2008 with 6 comments.
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HI All

It has been over a month since the last post about the composting in the 1/2 classroom.

This past Monday was a big day for the students and I, Our bin is in great shape!! We now have alot of baby worms, and alot of egg cocoons as well.

We were able to see 5 BABY European n/c hatch out of 1 COCOON!!
(sorry I wasn’t able to get pics)

We are sure doing a great job, and our worms are very happy! We know we are taking great care of them, because on average we should be getting about 2 baby euros out of 1 cocoon not 5

ontil next update!!! The Friendly Worm Guy

Written by Jeff on May 4th, 2008 with no comments.
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