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Hello All
as you must know, I have not had any worms to sell or have talks with customers on their sales. I just took down the paypal Buy Now buttons that I had not removed. so sales were coming in and I had no idea. NO I am not out of business, I have sold the farm and moved to a different place, So I am building worm beds and getting back to where I am able to start shipping worms again. I am in the process of getting all the paypal sales worked out and refunds sent back to you. I am very sorry for this mixup.


Hi Everyone.
I am selling the worms for $35 per pound or $20 for half pound. So just go to the PRODUCTS page and click on it.
I now have the paypal buttons up for 1 pound of worms and half pound of worms orders.
WORM FOOD GROWER NOW IN STOCK AS WELL. This is great for the customers wanting to grow those EUROS nice and big for fishing.
If you are wanting to order just pure European N/C. please contact us for prices because Euros are more Money then the Worms that are on sale at the moment.

Worm Castings are also available They sell in 5 pound bags at $2.00 per pound plus shipping costs, any orders 50 pounds plus will get a .50 cent per pound discount. Again contact me in contact us at top of page.

I look forward to filling your order!

Thanks Jeff

103_8351 Jeff

My name is Jeff Sonnenburg and I’m a breeder of premium European Nightcrawlers
(Eisenia hortensis) and Red Worms (Eisenia fetida) in Massey, Ontario. I am also vermicomposting with these worms to produce high quality Worm Castings (Worm fertilizer).

European Nightcrawlers
Here is some info about Euro’s, first off these worms are NOT big like Dew Worms ( Canadian Nightcrawlers, I am going to tell you what these are.
Euro’s are Great fishing worms that range in bait from 2″-4″ long and about as thick as an HB pencil.
Euro’s are a different color then the Canadian N/C, most of the Euros have a yellow tip tail.
The greatest thing about the Euro’s is These are warm weather worms! but don’t get me wrong, these worms can take the cold very well. You need No fridge for these worms,
Euro’s are very good composting worms as well, pound for pound the Red wiggler and the Euros are even for waste food consumption.
Tests have been done on Euro’s over the last 10 years in North America, and I know many USA worm farmers that prefer the Euro’s over the Red wigglers.

Red Worms on the other hand are very well suited for home worm composting Vermicomposting) but in my opinion Red wigglers are only good for Vermicomposting These reds do breed and reproduce a little quicker then the Euros.

I sell my worms in 1/2 lb, 1 lb, or more orders. (IN CANADA)

Check Out my Products Page

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I also wholesale and retail 1 Litre and 10 litre bags of worm casting (Fertilizer) with or without teabags (simply fill teabags with castings and make your own liquid organic fertilizer – “worm tea”!)

Plant with the help of WORM CASTINGS and watch your plants grow like never before!
Worm castings are truly fertilizer as Nature intended it!

“The plough is one of the most ancient and most valuable of man’s inventions; but long before he existed the land was in fact regularly ploughed and still continues to be thus ploughed by earthworms. It may be doubted wheather there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as have these lowly organized creatures.”

_ Charles Darwin

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RR#3 251 Goltz Rd
Massey Ontario CANADA
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